Rose sex machine with excellent services

  • Nationality: Singapore

Sex machine. Best Diamond service

Rose sex machine with excellent services

Sex machine with excellent services. Best Diamond service

4 responses to “Rose sex machine with excellent services”

  1. Alexander Trotsky says:

    Rose has the best attitude, so sexy and playful but she can take charge too. Photos are definitely real but maybe younger. Her body and spirit though make a good combination. Seriously made the most effective use of our time together and so fucking naturally too! She’s a gem.
    Plus she gives the best massages afterwards if there’s time. She did a bit of ashiatsu on me which was awesome.

  2. Alexander Trotsky says:

    Seriously the best experience I have had in a long time. Rose is a special lady
    First off she has a fantastic attitude, always so playful. She dances around like a sexy fairy getting ready for a party.
    She makes the best use of our time together and everything is always so natural. I never felt rushed or even took notice of the time.
    She has a heart of solid gold as well.
    To top it all off she gives the absolute best massage afterwards if there’s time and if there isn’t pay for more time because it’s worth it. She did some ashiatsu on me which was fucking sensational!
    Defs my new favourite girl

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