Cindy Korean beauty

  • Nationality: Korean
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 165 cm

Korean girl, C cup, 165cm, fashion girl. Best at diamond and golden service. *Cindy provides very interesting tools for you!

Cindy Korean beauty

Korean girl, C cup, 165cm, fashion girl. Best at diamond and golden service. *Cindy provides very interesting tools for you!

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  1. Max says:

    Korean Cindy – very beautiful Girlfriend experience
    I haven’t visited this shop before and I saw some good looking girls on their website so I paid a visit as I was in the area.

    Met 3 girls and chose Korean Cindy as I normally fuck Chinese girls but I fancied a change of pussy nationality.

    Cindy is 165 cm and B cup and is the girl in the photos. They say that their photos are real and it looks to be the case. Paid $170 hr Golden service which includes bbbj and off to the room hand in hand with cute little Cindy. She is young, 23 years old and pretty. I liked her style. A cool, confident girl with a nice smile

    We shower together. Like all good service girls Cindy gives me a nice wash down and once I am clean she is straight down on her knees in the shower bbbjing my cock, the warm water and her warm mouth making me horny. Cindy has a good body and I soap up her soft young girl breasts and give them a nice slow massage.

    Onto the bed and Cindy kneels in front of me and I take a moment to look at her properly. She has a cute face, l love her breasts which are a good handful, she is easy to throw around as you fuck her.

    Her bbbj was off the charts. Very sloppy, good sucking of the pre cum out of my tip, slow licking, deep sucking, hand wanking, ball licking. You name it, Cindy tried it. Really good.

    She asks me if I want to fuck her. “Yes I do” I say and into her I go in mish. Cindy is small with a tight, pussy. She squeezes me with her pussy muscles and I deep fuck her in mish. We try side saddle and then Cindy climbs on top of me in cowgirl and fucks and grinds me really hard. She furiously grinds her clit on my hard cock and has a big, loud orgasm. She collapses on my chest and tells me how tired she is. Oh dear, we are only 25 minutes in and I tell Cindy that there is a lot more action to come.

    I let her rest a couple of minutes and then I stand at the edge of the bed on the floor, raise her arse in the air, push her face down on the bed and tell her we will do doggie. I spread her arse cheeks wide and give her a good fuck whilst occasionally reaching over to play with her jiggly boobs which are playfully dancing around underneath. I lube up my finger and try and stick it in her arsehole which looks inviting but she bats my finger away, so no arse action unfortunately. We spend a good few minutes in doggie as we both watch the porno action in the big bedside mirror. She looks amazing on the end of my pork sword, like a little JAV pornstar.

    Cindy is still tired so I decide to give her a break. I actually want to fuck and fuck and fuck today but she seems to want me to cum so I have a shower and she then gives me more bbbj. I am loving that, she has great skills. She is getting horny and she lies down on the bed and guides my hand to her pussy and motions me to whack her off. I start slowly and then fast on her clit and before long she is red faced and sweating and I masturbate her to a second orgasm. I like orgasmic girls and Cindy is orgasmic.

    We have 15 minutes left. She asks if I want a handjob finish and I say “no I want a fuck finish please” as I want to get inside her tight little snatch again. We fuck in mish with her legs tight together which she loves as it stimulates her clit and she is so tight in that position that before too long I shoot my load deep inside her.

    We shower together, have a little chat and a cuddle and get dressed. She walks me back to reception with a big grin on my face. I give Cindy a playful tap on the bum and a kiss and she walks off into the girls waiting room.

    Cindy is a super friendly girl. She has a fantastic attitude, is fun, cheeky, sexy and she is just as cute in real life as she looks in her photos. Nice tight pussy, young girl tits and a cute peachy arse. She gets a 10 out of 10.

    Actually, make that a 9 out of 10 as she couldn’t keep up with me today but I was in a super horny, fuck a long time, mood and I was happy to just fuck and fuck and fuck for the whole hour.

    I made a joke at the end that she is 23 and I am 54 and she should have more energy than me.

    She laughed, pointed at my dick and said “your cock is 21”.

    Good answer.

  2. W says:

    the best service!! Never!! Cindy very nice and conversable. She can give all of want u want.
    It’s hard to use words to introduce her. Hope every guys can treat her gentlemanly please!!!! Awesome girl!!!!!!!!

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